A family outside Thurne Windmill

Friends of Thurne Mill aims are to encourage the interests of people in restoring this, one of the most iconic wind mills on the Broads – keeping it in good working condition and sustainable for future generations.

  • To build an archive of documents (or copies of original documents), illustrations, maps , artefacts and oral histories relating to the history of the mill and the surrounding areas.

  • To assist in opening the mill to the public.

  • To support the 200 year old drainage pump known as Thurne Mill. Repainting today costs £10,000

£10 a year will support the work in preserving the heritage of the Mill in a working condition for the future and give you:

  • Opportunities to get involved with the manning of the mill on opening days

  • Two newsletters a year

  • Email notification of meetings, events and activities during the year.