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You may of seen us on BBC’s CountryFile on Sunday 10th February 2019. The restoration is continuously going and needs your help. So why not become a member and enjoy this historic landmark. Friends of Thurne Windmill aims are to encourage the interests of people in restoring this, one of the most iconic windmills on the Norfolk Broads. Keeping it in good working condition and sustainable for future generations. £10 a year will support the work in preserving the heritage of the Mill and you will get so much benefit from being a member.

Bob Morse

About Thurne Windmill

Bob Morse had a fascination with windmills since he was a young boy. In 1949 a boyhood dream became a reality when he purchased the then derelict Thurne Mill. In 18 months, with the help of Albert England, a direct descendant of England’s the tower was restored. The mill was then leased to the Norfolk Windmill Trust. Sadly Bob Morse passed away in January 2007

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